This assignment is to listen to What I did for Love episode #457 and give some feedback. This will be interesting :)

Act One. Best Laid Plans.

Crazy story about a couple that never got married, then the unthinkable happens. They decide to test their relationship by jumping the gun on the current relationship to a “lets sleep with as many people we can.” They describe the act as an Amish “rumspringa”. I was not shocked by the story, this happens all the time, but truly, you don’t hear about it.  I knew how it would turned out to be — a breakup. Honestly, I think it was two soft people were unsure how to “break it off”. So, they jump from the bridge together. Big deal.

Act Two: 21 Chump Street

A classic example of “honey-pot” story. Simple story. A undercover female cop flirts with a student, and tried to build a pseudo-relationship, She casts the line — he bites — she reels in the big one. The student does not know the trap, but she tries hard to get him to her some weed. He doesn’t have it, but finds a way after some pressure from her. I’m pretty sure its a good way to catch the “bad guys” but the intent the cop had was nothing but mistrust and pressure. People will do anything for love/

Act Three. Cold Stone Dreamery.

A cute story about a duck in love with a rock. I enjoyed to light Jazz and Waltz sound in the background. The duck brings the duck brother’s to help carry the rock. I loved the storytelling technique.

Act Four. Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Kinda boring, maybe too many stories in a group? Kinda reminds of “Stranger than fiction”. Anyways, An author becomes a stalker to a character in her own book? Okay, now I get it, a women finds a open journal of her lover, and finds that he has been cheating on her. Okay, that was not my favorite story.